nojay (nojay) wrote,

Fast and Slow

Playing around some more with my New Toy, I added the old nVidia PCI video card back in alongside the ATI Radeon I blunged in last night. The system rebooted itself after detecting the hardware change but came up again with two displays afterwards with no problems. I then added some more utilities such as TightVNC, a remote desktop program I use to control other PCs from my regular desktop PC, while telling it to check for updates since it's a fresh Windows 7 SP1 instance and there were bound to be a few updates ready for it.

Okay, I've got 8 cores and lots of RAM, time to put it under the hammer. I downloaded POVray, the freeware raytracing program and set it up to render one of the standard library scenes, "woodbox" while monitoring the CPU utilisation in the other monitor. Setting the output to be 3840 x 2160 with anti-aliasing on, the 8 cores took up the slack and went to 100% utilisation in Task Manager, and a couple of minutes later it was done. It displays nicely full-screen on my main desktop 4k monitor at that resolution.

Oh, and the updates?

I think I'll leave the New Toy to get on with it...
Tags: computers, diy

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