nojay (nojay) wrote,

'Nother Niggle Nobbled

 I'm somewhat parsimonious in respect of software purchases. I bought an OEM copy of the Corel graphics suite a long time ago and I've run it on various computers under various OSes, from Windows 2000 up through XP, Vista, Windows 7 and it's now currently on this desktop under Windows 8. The suite's image processing program, PhotoPaint works perfectly but alas the other major utility in the suite, Corel Draw wasn't so happy on Win 8 with an odd error popping up any time I attempted to use it. It's not something I wanted to use much though so it didn't cause me problems but the fact it didn't work did rather niggle -- after all I paid a whole five quid for this package more than a decade ago and back then that was real money.

 I investigated Windows 8's compatibility mode which is intended to support older software like the Corel suite and after a couple of attempts I found setting Corel Draw's launcher properties to "windows 7" mode fixed the problem and it now works again. Oddly enough selecting XP mode didn't fix the problem, don't know why -- after all I have run this program directly under XP mode in the past. Still, another minor success.
Tags: computers, diy
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