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A Slight Unrequested Electricity Surplus

 Interesting fact -- if the building's electricity supply loses its neutral connection the live voltage can swing up to (according to the Kill-o-watt meter plugged into a mains socket) a juicy 340 volts or so, about a hundred volts above what we pay Mister Scottish Power large amounts of money to provide.

 The result is a lot of dead computers, monitors, lightbulbs, a fried microwave oven, mains-powered radios etc. etc. etc. Older equipment like the fridge, freezer, the central heating controller etc. all survived the Voltalypse surprisingly well. Since the overvoltage happened on the distribution side of things Scottish Power will cough for repairs or replacement of the fried gear, and so a couple of techs turned up at noon today to make an inventory of dead and defunct items and take them away for evaluation and repair or replacement. Being the sort of household we are it was fun explaining to the nice men from the Board about Alan's computer, the one with the SCSI hard drives running FreeBSD 4 with the ancient and now well-toasted AT series power supply, the sort they don't make any more. Watching them try to move my big laser printer was even more fun...

 We lost a remarkable number of wall-warts and low-voltage power supplies and, surprisingly, a surge-protected power strip which blew up when the power was restored although it seems to have done its job beforehand as all of the devices plugged into it did in fact survive.
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