nojay (nojay) wrote,

The Dustbin is History

I keep a spare LCD monitor around for testing PCs and such. It's a bit rough, the screen is scratched and the mount is a lashed-up assembly of assorted bits but it did the job when I needed it. Recently though it started flaking out on me, failing to power up properly or shutting down on me at random. I got another LCD monitor in a bootsale for a few quid to fill its boots and of course now I had a replacement I decided to hack on the old one and see if it was fixable rather than simply tossing it into the recycling bin.

It came apart reasonably easily and once I had the casings off it was clear a couple of the electrolytic capacitors in the PSU were bulged, almost certainly the result of capacitor plague. I got a couple of new caps from the local Maplin and after a few minutes sodomising^Wsoldering them in place the LCD monitor came back to life. It's still scratched and not exactly the best monitor in the world but it's nice to have saved it from an early grave.
Tags: computers, diy
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